Activity and Courses Summer Winter
The start of Guided Learning Hours (288 hrs. in total for 8 units)  

March 18th 2019


September 16th 2019

Registration and payment deadline-all candidates     March 29th 2019  September 27th 2019
Assignments available on Connect     March 29th 2019  September 27th 2019
Late registration / amendment fee applicable
Late registration and payment deadline.      April 12th 2019 October 11th 2019
Examination documentation available for download from Connect
Mark Submission Form (MSF) released to Centers.        April 29th 2018 October 28th 2018
Deadline for submission of completed Mark Submission Form (MSF) to Centre Support  

May 24th 2019


November 22nd 2019

Deadline for submission of assignments
                                     The End of Guided Learning Hours


Local Examination Dates
Strategic Management  


May 28th 2019



November 26th 2019

Corporate Finance and Decision Making
Entrepreneurship and Innovation  

May 29th 2019



November 27th 2019

Strategic Management
Deadline for submission of examination papers            June 14th 2019      December 13th 2019
Results released to Centres           July 26th 2019      January 24th 2020
Certificate lists released to Centres  

July 29th 2019


January 27th 2020

Candidate Feedback Sheets released to Centres           August 9th 2019      February 7th 2020
Deadline for receipt of Post-Results Service Requests           August 23rd 2019      February 21th 2020